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Winter vehicle local
Author:admin Time:2012-12-27  Read:4955

Recently, a heavy snow in the north to allow owners to travel difficulties, uncomfortable, not only because of the snow pavement windows, body of snow so many owners by surprise, could not find a good clean-up methods. The face of the car, "distressed", if only a thin snow cover, the owners deal with relative ease. But like the snow weather, many vehicles the doors, windows, glass, wiper, and even the tires are frozen below summarizes the owners winter car was "frozen" solution.

1, the front windshield and windows thawing method

Error approach: front windshield was covered in ice and with wipers snow removal. Wipers will cause serious damage to its plastic parts such as rubber strips, will have suffered the same time on the front windshield.

The right approach: car equipped with the automotive glass snow shovel or a hard plastic blade to eradicate the snow and ice.

To avoid glass scratches, smears should use a snow shovel or plastic to keep the same move, do not mess scraping. Windows frozen, unable to land, air heater can be turned on, wait for it to slowly melt and then try to avoid damage to the plastic parts such as rubber strips.

2 wipers thawing method

Error approach: wipers snow stuck in the windshield directly rinse with hot water can be thawed. This is actually a very hurt car thawing. Because of the lower temperature at this time on the window, rinsing with hot water is easy to make windows burst because of the temperature change, wiper deformation.

The right approach: the air conditioner to the largest hot air wind pattern is transferred to the front windshield wiper naturalized open.

Then turn off the wipers should be shut down before stopping. Some owners forget to turn off the wipers, the next day to start the car, the wipers automatically open. This case, was frozen on the wiper can easily be burned. If you encounter a snow day, if necessary, overnight parking wiper blades support up to avoid being frozen.

3, door lock cylinder thaw method

The wrong practice: straining body strength, deadlift door or hard screw lock. Although most vehicles are electronic lock, but still part of the old car is using the lock. Rain and snow or winter just finished washing the car, lock on frozen. Handle all froze, unable to open the door so that the door of the vehicle and car like this Blizzard. Once the to deadlift door or using brute force hard screw lock will cause great damage on the car.

The right approach: use a hair dryer, alcohol and winter glass of water.

For the lock with a key, the easiest way is to find a hair dryer, you can use hot air blowing into the keyhole. If frozen door under the door at the residual water freezes, been watering icing at winter glass of water, and gently pull the door until the door loose. For frozen car keyhole, you can wipe with a small amount of alcohol to thaw winter car wash to make body thoroughly dry with air gun, the body of the vehicle so as to prevent freezing. If your condition allows, the car parked in the garage overnight or purchase a sewing machine for the car are to protect the car the best way to smooth winter.

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