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Or because the temperature low bamboo raft slippery Pentecost workers fell dead scaffold
Author£ºadmin Time£º2012-3-29  Read£º4454

Yesterday morning eight point about 30 points, kongjiang road road into a wall decoration of the hotel, a Pentecost workers in the building of the scaffold homework carelessly, from three storeys high bamboo raft fall, the hospital rescue finally died.

The land adjacent to the yangpu park. Yesterday morning, morning paper reporter arrived to see, the scene is a place is transformation of the hotel building decoration, visual three or four stories high, exterior wall has put up the scaffold, the building of the house number and shop recruit is blocked by the wall, and the bottom part of the blood.

His witness, according to a wall when the operation work is standing on the third floor high or so on the scaffold. But don't know why, the worker body suddenly lose balance from the sky, after falling off the ceiling of the cement ground, head seriously injured. Then, workmate hurriedly alarm, the man was quickly sent to xinhua hospital.

Morning paper reporter in xinhua hospital to know, the workers name is easy, this year the fifty years or so, from somewhere else. After the hospital, easy to master pupil dilation, breathing has no heart, and finally for rescue invalid death.

Workmate revealed that Shanghai yesterday the temperature below freezing point, bamboo raft and slippery, easy to master or because foot slipped carelessly fall after. At present the exact causes the accident is still under investigation.


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